MTF Hand Wraps Muay Thai Boxing MMA K1 Fitness Gear Color Python Brown Size 180 inches Handwraps for Kickboxing Sport

MTF Professional Hand Wraps
180 Inches in Length
Comfortable Slightly Elastic Cotton


✏If you’re interested in boxing, either as a professional or an amateur men, women, and kids, don’t forgot MTF Muay Thai 180 inch length Boxing HANDWRAPS MMA Fitness Gear Best for K1 MMA Boxing Muay Thai. Best Product of Thailand
🎯You probably already know that hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment that you will be using every time you put on gloves. Wraps secure your wrist, protect your knuckles, and help bind your fist together into a tight, compact weapon.
🎯180 inch for a great fit for men, women, and kids when you don’t want extra bulk under your gloves without sacrificing protection.
🎯Slightly elastic, authentic Mexican style wrap material for a contoured fit. Exclusive hook and loop closure. Not all hand wraps are created equally because many fail to use performance grade materials.
🎯You need a scientifically engineered hand wrap to help protect the many small joints and bones in your hands from the impact of repeated punches.
🎯With MTF stretch hand wraps hand support and knuckle protection without adding too much bulk under your gloves. Constructed from a high quality cotton and spandex blend Provides necessary wrist support and knuckle protection for anyone interested in starting boxing or any other striking combat sport.
🎯MTF wraps also provide ideal comfortable support, allowing you to wrap to your desired tightness. High quality cotton and spandex blend provides ideal support & comfort for your ideal wrap tightness Feature an oversized hook & loop strap
🎯Strong thumb loop to keep wraps snug and secure all workout long you get maximum value with MTF and striking original designs. Buy with confidence, MTF stands 100% behind every pair.
✏We hope you enjoy the product and come to rely on MTF Fighting Supplies for all of your fighting supply needs.
✅ MEXICAN STYLE PROFESSIONAL HAND WRAPS – 180 inch length is ideal for professionals or amateur for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, or mixed martial arts
✅ MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE GRADE MATERIALS – High quality cotton and spandex blend provides ideal support & comfort for your ideal wrap tightness
✅ DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION – Better fitting, stretchable material as compared to traditional handwraps. The polyester composition of these hand wraps makes for a more secure and comfortable fit than traditional cotton hand wraps
✅ EXCLUSIVE BOXING STYLE – Made from special soft and flexible cotton for maximum comfort. These sparring and bag work hand wraps include one pair in a color of your choice and are machine washable with handwrap wash bag. Product of Thailand
✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Designed for maximum wrist support, hand support & knuckle protection without adding excessive bulk under gloves

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