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Teya Suchira is a registered professional tour guide. She has helped the staff at Muay Thai Westchester plan club trips to Thailand, where she is from. Teya's tours are all fully customizable. A club favorite is Teya's Muay Thai tours which are excellent for beginners. Her love for Muay Thai was inspired by her dad, who is a former professional Muay Thai fighter.  Her knowledge and passion for Muay Thai and Thailand are truly inspiring.

Here are 3 of our favorite tours

Muay Thai Tours

Muay Thai Tours

Learn about the rich history, culture and traditions of Muay Thai. Experience the excitement of Lumpini and Rajadamnern Muay Thai stadiums. Train at an authentic Muay Thai gym great for beginners.

Floating Market Tours

Floating Market Tours

Visit the floating market for an amazing shopping experience like no other.

Bangkok By Night Tours

Bangkok By Night Tours

You have head the stories now come and see it for yourself, sample the amazing night life of Bangkok

What people are saying about Teya's tours

Melinda Flatsker

Los Angeles, USA

I'm very grateful to you for taking us around Bangkok. You were an excellent guide and I'll never forget the stories and experiences that you told. Huge hug,

Paul & Georgina Hogwood

London, England

We had Teya acting as our guide for three days in Bangkok and I am so glad we did. We loved Thailand but it was made so much better by having Teya with us.
Everything you read here from others who have used Teya is true; she was delightful to be with - kind , caring and humourous - and of course very knowledgable about her country, its history and the sites we wanted to see.
She also tried very successfully to give us a flavour of what life is like for ordinary Thais. When we moved on we genuinely missed Teya - it was if an old friend was gone. If you are thinking of using a guide (and you should if you want to get the most out of your time) then I don't think you could choose anyone better than Teya. I hope very much we see her again.”

Eric and Melissa Routhier

Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for what turned out to be a true highlight to our journey throughout your beautiful country.
We so  loved the extra details and fun facts you wove into all the stories about the culture and history of your people. After leaving  we went on to visit several other cities, sightseeing on our own and at every Bangkok turn we wondered what we were really missing, knowing how much extra you provided us during our visits to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and such.
We have never been the type of travelers to hire private guides, previously preferring to always head out on our own and explore, but our experience with you changed that for sure! Your humor, the passion you have for your country, your fabulous English skills along with your fun, easy personality made you a pure pleasure to meet. We felt fortunate to have discovered you. Best of luck in your adventures ahead and many thanks for the lifelong memories you provided us."
Thailand for leisure or business.

Ivan and Michelle

Trinidad and Tobago

After traveling all over the world with my company, you get accustomed to many tour guides just doing their jobs without enthusiam. This is not the case with Teya who made the journey of touring so interesting and fun by doing her job from the heart.
From the very first time you meet her you could tell that she is someone special.
In my line of work people always do business with you because you bring something different.
Teya does this to you and it is very easy for you to become friends with her, as you can gather from all the people who keep in touch with her after they have left.
The first person I will always look for anytime I am in Thailand again is Teya, besides being fun and funny, she is also very intelligent and energetic.
To our surprise she has a hidden talent as she sang beautifully for us on the last day on the way to the airport.
Thank you Teya for an unforgettable time in your wonderful Country. You have made new friends in this part of the world. We hope one day we would be able to play host to you in our country. We wish you long life and great success."

Elaine Tam

Toronto, Canada

"My family and I have had guided tours in more than 30 countries on four continents, and no where have we ever encountered such a knowledgeable and entertaining guide as Teya.  Her warmth and smile instantly welcomes you to Thailand, and her love for her country is infectious.
I was extremely impressed by her wealth of knowledge in Thai history, religion, geography, customs, traditions, and modern Thai society, and I found her tours to be very interesting and enriching.  No matter where you visit, you are sure to   appreciate the beauty and significance of everything you see with Teya.  Her candid, sincere, and pleasant personality made my family's stay in Thailand very enjoyable. 
We hope to return soon!"

Joyce and Paul Cohen

New Jersey, USA

Our trip was wonderful in every way and one which we will always remember.
Now when:  someone says that they have been halfway around the world and back, it will have a whole new meaning! 
Thank you sooooo much, Teya, for making Thailand real for us, for sharing your thoughts and hopes and for being so very nice. You are truly a beautiful person both inside and out.
Without your help, the country would have had none of the flavor and energy that it now has for us.  You are truly a gifted person!!!  We wish you every blessing in life. May the best be always ahead for you.  If you are ever able to visit our end of the world, remember to come visit.
With all best wishes,

Teya has also been guides for Will Smith and Johnny Depp

January 2016
Tour guide & co-ordinate team for Will Smith and family in Bangkok

July 2015
Co-cordinator and transfer guide for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Bangkok

5 reasons to hire Teya as your tour guide in Thailand

We all know of the cliché stereotypes associated with Thailand; Tuk Tuks, Temples, and Cheap Beer.

However, do you know the cheapest way to get around?
Do you know where to get the best Pad Thai?
Do you know what any of the signs say? Probably not.

Western visitors to this hectic gem of the Far East may find it challenging to manage- and here are five following reasons why you may want to consider hiring a Tour Guide for your trip to Thailand.

1. The Language
Westerners visiting Europe are blessed with Latin- the root of many of our languages that makes them loosely linked and at least somewhat understandable. This is not the case in the Far East. Most native Thai people speak little English (apart from in Tourist hotspots), and you’re going to have a hard time reading a Thai sign that looks less to us like letters and more like an etch-a-sketch doodle.

2. Transport
Is it best to take the Skytrain? A Tuk Tuk? A Taxi? A local tour guide will be able to advise you on the cheapest and most reliable way to travel- as well as price estimates to avoid you getting conned. Many Thai taxis have no pay meter; so you want to ensure you’re being charged fairly.

3. Tourist Traps
Just like any popular destination, Thailand is full of tourist traps and scams. If you’ve ever been to Las Ramblas in Barcelona, you’ll know of its infamous pickpocketing. If you’ve ever been to Vatican City, you’ll know what a 7-Euro Coffee tastes like. Thailand is no different, and a tour guide will be able to advise you on who and what to avoid.

4. Best Kept Secrets
You know what I’m talking about.
Where’s the most relaxed little bar in the city?
What restaurant does the best Tom Yung Goong?
Get away from the tourist hordes and find the real little secret gems of Thailand.

5. Thai Culture
A tour guide can show you all the big attractions- but they can also provide insight into the history of where you’re staying as well as its modern culture. Perhaps a specific area was historically a fishing village, or a royal residence, or a red light district? Whatever the backstory, your tour guide will have fascinating knowledge.

If you would like to book a tour with Teya or simply find out more information, please don't hesitate to contact Teya. All tours are customizable.

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