Muay Thai Manufacturers

Muay Thai Equipment Manufacturers in Thailand

If you are traveling to Thailand and looking for some great Muay Thai equipment’s here are some fantastic manufacturers that we have done business with and can recommend.
Listed in alphabetical order


Boon’s main focus is not on elaborate or flashy designs. If you are looking for something unique, Boon likely does not have the right product for you. However, if you are looking for high-quality, handmade gear that focuses on craftsmanship over style, Boon is the perfect brand for your needs. Unlike some brands that will pick style and design over the materials and production quality, Boon, first and foremost, wants to create functional and durable gear that can follow a fighter from his very early days to the championship.

Boon is Thai for virtue and this is the foundation of the company’s line of products. While the company is small, their attention to detail and business practices have made them one of the most popular Muay Thai brands in Thailand. They are so well known that they even have a signature style—raw leather, without any screen printing or embellishments, just as equipment was first made, in the early days of Muay Thai.

Because Boon is such a small company, there are some inconsistencies in delivery time and some products will very suddenly become unavailable. The small shop means that while quality is paramount, it often has to be sacrificed in order to fulfill an order.

Despite this, Boon has become very popular both in Thailand and around the world, becoming one of the most popular Muay Thai companies abroad. Their products are used by many professional fighters, especially those that want to uphold the traditions of the sport.

While they may struggle to rival the quality and consistency of companies like Top King and Muay Thai, for durable, raw leather equipment, Boon is definitely the company of choice.

451 On Nut Soi 10, Sukhumvit Rd 77 Suanluang,
Phrahkanong, Bangkok, Thailand 10250
Telephone: +66-02 716 2995


You cannot go wrong by purchasing Muay Thai gear from the company that has named itself Muay Thai. Few westerners have heard of this brand, unless they are heavily involved in the Thailand Muay Thai circuit, as the products are not marketed abroad, despite their extremely high quality design and production. Many fighters compare the quality of Muay Thai to the quality of brands like Twins and Top King.

Though somewhat obscure outside of Thailand, inside it, this brand is hugely popular all over Thailand, with many fighters exclusively using Muay Thai and no other equipment. This has led to some increase in popularity over the last couple of years, but the brand has not yet reached out to international distributors, who might help to increase the brand’s market.

Instead, they focus on creating the best equipment for boxers right in their own country. Their range of equipment is extensive and utilizes modern technology and design to create gloves and other equipment that are stylish and functional. The Muay Thai line is not as flashy as other brands—there are plenty of different colors to choose from, but they do not push the design envelope as often as other brands might. Instead, they ensure that everything they make has the best possible quality.

This is where Muay Thai truly shines. Everything they sell is handmade by craftsman inside Thailand, out of only the highest quality leather—the same used to make more expensive brands like Twins. If you are looking for equipment that’s unique, perfectly made, and cleanly styled, this is the brand to choose.

Muay Thai
211/65 Nontree Gallery,
Village Nakhonin rd. Muang Nonthaburi Thailand
ไทย 11000
Tel: +66 82 546 5000



Unlike many other brands here, Nationman does not make and sell equipment exclusively for Muay Thai. They are a sporting goods company that covers all of the major sports, both in Thailand and abroad. Founded in 1981, Nationman is one of the most popular brands in the country, with a special emphasis on high quality goods, across all of their sports, but especially when it comes to the boxing category. Because of Muay Thai’s long and illustrious history in Thailand, Nationman’s goal is to create gear that both honors that history and protects the wearer.

Many champion fighters wear Nationman gear during both training and tournaments. From humble beginnings, with a single shop and only a few products, they have grown into a massive manufacturer, with two factories and hundreds of employees.

Once focused solely on Thailand, Nationman has expanded beyond their home country, bringing excellent Muay Thai gear to countries all over the world, as far flung as England and South Africa.

One of the main benefits of purchasing from Nationman is the assurance of purchasing from a time-tested company, which sells products not just in Thailand to Thai fighters, but all over the world, to anyone interested in any kind of martial arts. The Nationman logo is seen in some of the most famous and prestigious fighting rings in the world, as more and more people discover the durability and safety of their boxing gear.

Nationman equipment is made from high quality leather, in a range of designs so that any fighter can find something that suits his needs. Because the company is based in Thailand, it may be possible to find the newest models and styles in Thai retailers first, before they make it to international markets. Purchasing from Nationman means you will get the very best in Muay Thai equipment, at a reasonable price.

23/186 GP 8 Soi Thessabal 1, Thessabal 1 Road, Omya, Sampran, Nakornprathom 73160 Thailand
Phone: +66-2-431 0052, +66-2-420 8888



Founded in 2002 as an offshoot of the Twins company, the company floundered for several years, trying to find a foothold in the marketplace. Unlike some companies that quickly find their niche and start selling their gear to a certain kind of fighter, Rajaboxing struggled to find the gear and market that they specialized in. They found that niche in luxury boxing gear for Muay Thai fighters. Rajaboxing has a much more impressive offering than some other companies, focusing on creating the best of the best when it comes to fight gear.

After finding their luxury foothold in the mid 2000s, the company has begun to flourish. Many buyers find that the products Rajaboxing offers are very similar to Twins’ line, as many of the designs and screen prints were carried over when the companies split. Some buyers also prefer the quality of Twins, Fairtex, or Top King to Rajaboxing, but the company uses much of the same techniques and materials in order to make durable, functional equipment.

They use only flawless pieces of leather and foam, in order to create high quality boxing equipment that appeals to both new and experienced fighters alike. They also have a specialized design department, with individuals trained in fashions design and manufacture. The Rajaboxing line has seen rigorous testing, not just in simulations to make sure the equipment does what it says it does, but in matches and competitions around the world.

Rajaboxing prides itself on using the very best materials and that will protect a fighter, without impeding his range of motion. Though Thailand is their primary market, this company has a foothold in any country where Muay Thai is popular. The name is almost synonymous with Muay Thai, as is a respect for the sport’s tradition.

Rajaboxing has not released a new product in some time and many of the older designs are now impossible to find. While a little pricy, many people are willing to pay the price for the quality of these designs.

No. 144/102 (No.98/13) Soi Suanphak 29 Rd, Talingchan sub-district,
Talingchan district, BKK. 10170 THAILAND
Tel: (662) 884-2293-4



In 2009, the Muay Thai company King wanted to form a new division to market their upscale Muay Thai equipment. This company was called Top King and first sold slightly modified versions of King’s original line of equipment. Since 2009, however, they have branched out into a wide variety of products, taking into consideration the needs of the athletes that participate in Muay Thai. This brand is one of the most active in the world; their equipment is used in boxing camps all over the world, with a special emphasis on international markets.

Much of the equipment that Top King sells is similar in quality to other popular brands, meaning that it is made to be durable and functional. Each piece that they sell is inspected for quality, to ensure that it will serve the fighter for years and not fall apart at the most inopportune moment.

Best of all, Top King has invested significant resources in the design process, not just to improve the performance of their gear, but to provide fighters with a wide range of designs to choose from, including a range of colors and screen prints. It is rapidly overtaking other companies not just because of the quality, but because fighters can find unique designs from Top King that no one else in their circle will have.

Top King is perfect both for the practice ring and for competitions, being used in some of the most popular tournaments around the world, including the tournaments held in honor of the King and Queen. Unlike other companies whose equipment just looks very generic (as if you could get that same equipment from any brand), Top King strives to create gear that is as recognizable as it is durable, flexible, and safe. If you want to be as confident in your gear as you are in your fighting style, Top King is the brand to buy.

Top King Boxing
47/1 Moo 1 Tessaban 4 Road, Donkaidee, Krathumban, Samutsakorn 74110 Thailand
Phone: +66(0)34-479896, +66(0)34-479897, +66(0)34-479898



Twins is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and well-known Muay Thai brands in the world. Officially founded in 1992, but producing boxing gear for decades previous to the incorporation, the brand has made a name for itself not just in Thailand, but all around the world.

What makes Twins especially unique is their integration into international boxing culture. They hold a special place in the hearts of many boxers and their equipment is widely used by some of today’s most famous and prolific boxers in international organizations. This is because the company not only uses the best tools and materials to make their gear, but also because they utilize designers to create innovative and interesting patterns and styles. Many of their designs are easily recognizable.

Twins is one of the leading exporters of Thai-made gear, even garnering an award from AIBA Technical University in Berlin, Germany for excellence in product and business practices. The company has a single factory, located outside of Bangkok. Because so much of the Thai boxing gear is sold in international markets, Twins’ prices are higher than some other manufacturers.

That being said, Twins is still a favorite among both established and new fighters, who prefer the colorful and unique designs to the generic gear other companies produce. Purchasing in Thailand can be beneficial, as Twins often releases exclusive gear just for Muay Thai participants in their home country, gear that never makes it to international markets.

7/2-3 Moo 10 Soi Phuyodying, Suanluangruamjai Rd.,
Suanluang, Khathumban, Samutsakorn 74110 Thailand.
Tel: (66-2)-813-8433-9