Why You Need to Train in Thailand: Muay Thai Training, MMA Training, Wrestling Training, Thailand Travel Guide



Why You Need to Train in Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer from the beautiful beaches to the wonderful people and delicious food. So many people travel to Thailand not only for the relaxing holiday, but for amazing opportunity to train martial arts. Specifically Muay Thai, however in the past 10 years, there has been a huge increase of popularity in not only Muay Thai but also MMA, wrestling, boxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu. Due to this large amount of interest, Thailand has become a home to some of the best MMA and mixed martial arts gyms in the world, not to mention they have always been the known for their world class stand-up skills known as Muay Thai or Thaiboxing.

In this book, you will learn why Thailand is such an excellent choice to train whatever combat sport you desire. You will also learn a number of the following things:

  • How to get to Thailand
  • Visa and passport information
  • What cities to live in
  • What are the best MMA and Muay Thai gyms
  • How to finance your trip and make money while you live in Thailand
  • How to get MMA fights
  • How to get Muay Thai fights
  • How to get K1 Fights
  • Information on MMA promotions and promoters
  • Cost of living in Thailand
  • How I get the best deals on cheap flights
  • How to get sponsored by a gym
  • Ways to make money outside of fighting
  • Free time activities and info about the beautiful woman of Thailand

Also included when you purchase this book, you will receive a free chapter from my book:

  • If you’re not cheating you’re not trying
  • Tips, tricks, techniques, and cheats for winning in MMA, BJJ, boxing, and wrestling

Along with a free chapter of:

  • Ketogenic diet for beginners

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