Sanabul Essential Striking Gel Ankle Guard for MMA Kickboxing | Ankle Sleeves for Men & Women | MMA Kickboxing Muay Thai Ankle Support and Protection (Pair)

Top-Tier Muay Thai Support: Trusted by champions like Michael Bisping, Max Holloway, Gilbert Burns, Sean O’Malley, and more, our Essential Striking Gel Ankle Guards provide unparalleled ankle support for Muay Thai enthusiasts, ensuring optimal performance during intense kickboxing sessions.
Premium Quality and Stability: Crafted with high-quality materials and advanced gel padding, these ankle sleeves for men and women offer exceptional protection and stability. Elevate your performance with confidence, knowing your ankles are safeguarded.
Athlete-Endorsed Versatility: Adapt to any combat sport with ease. Our ankle guards are the preferred choice for athletes engaged in Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and more. Endorsed by top-tier athletes, they provide versatile ankle protection for various disciplines.


Sanabul Essential Gel Ankle Guards

The Sanabul Essential Gel Ankle Guards are the perfect accessory for your striking training or sparring. Our ankle wrap is the first its kind with Gel protection for both the lower shin and foot area. After using this product we are sure that you will never want to train without them again!
Protection for your foot and lower leg. The revolutionary Gel ankle guard will help protect the areas of your leg most prone to injury whether you are an amateur, professional or even recreational practitioner
Ankle compression and support with bottom foot grip. Our product provides just the right amount of compression and support for use when coming back from an injury or when dealing with swelling or ankle pain
Size Guide (General size guide does not account for customer preference): S/M- Shoe size less than 9 US. L/XL-Shoe size larger than 9.5 US
Just What You Need: If you want to get into the striking arts, any professional will tell you to start with the essentials. Sanabul ankle guards are a must have for the best protection during your Kickboxing or Muay Thai training
Tested by Pros, Created for You: We challenge our Team Sanabul athletes, like UFC Champion Michael Bisping, to put our gear through their toughest training sessions. We know it’ll hold up for you, because it holds up for them
More Than Just a Wrap: The Essentials ankle guard is infused with our Sanabul gel protection. It puts a layer of defense between you and whatever comes your way. Harder impacts will be absorbed by your gear, not your body
Perfect Support: Sanabul equipment is known for comfortable fits that you can “set and forget” Our ankle guards strike a perfect balance of stretchable material that will contour to your feet, then compress and support your movements. Keep a full range of motion without coming loose over time
Stay Light on Your Feet: Slipping on the mats as you throw kicks is a real thing. That’s why we put grip pads on all Sanabul ankle guards. They’ll give you traction to prevent falls with enough “give” for you to put hard pivots into power kicks

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